Whole house rental

Room detail

There is possibility to rent the whole house which has 2 bed rooms and 2 bathrooms. It’s a good option for a family or groups. 6 persons can stay at maximum. If you are more than 5 people , we prepare a mattress for 5th and 6th person. Enjoy staying without caring morning rush to get ready exploring Kyoto!

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Netflix is available

You can enjoy watching movies on Netflix. ( If you agree with our terms of use for a table.)


Fully equipped kitchen in the room. Micro-oven, refrigerator and kettle are also available.

Tablet rental for free

If you help us to upload a picture to our Instagram account, we offer a tablet device( iPad or Android tablet) for free during your stay.

Shower room with a bathrub

You can relax in the bathtub after visiting every streets of Kyoto. You might find tips why Japanese loves Hot-spring.

Flat TV and Satellite broadcasting

2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms

Having a privacy is important even you travel with a good friends or your parents. No concern when you get ready to start a day.

Sleeps 6

Each room can stay up to 3 persons.

Free Wifi in the room.

You can access Wifi network in the room.

Before booking

Please check the following information.

  • Minimum stay is from 2 nights.
  • The booking rate in the calender is up to 4 persons.If you are more than 4 persons, it’ll add 3000yen per person per night.
  • We only accept an advance payment before your arrival.You cannot pay by cash when you check-in.


Cancel Policy

We require 1 week notice of any changes to your reservation prior to your scheduled arrival,
otherwise we will charge you a cancellation fee as below.

  • 1 week before your arrival.      ———————- 50% refund of your total fee.
  • 2 days before your arrival.     ———————- 70% of your total fee.
  • One day before your arrival.      ———————- No refund
  • Your arrival day.       ———————- No refund



Please select dates from a calendar below and fill out in the boxes(* is mandatory). Then send a request as clicking the “Send”.
(Please check cancel policies before booking.)
Your booking will be confirmed when we send you a confirmation mail.